Art spaces and galleries
Leipzig, 2005 - 2013. 
Founder and owner of Kolekcja Polska / parismoskau / PANIPANAMA / Sub Nimbus.
With Dr. Bernd Adamek-Schyma.

Supported by the Polish Institute Berlin/Leipzig.
Kolekcja Polska / off space, Leipzig-Lindenau, 2005
PANIPANAMA, Leipzig-Lindenau, 2008
PANIPANAMA, Leipzig-Lindenau, 2010
PANIPANAMA, Leipzig-Lindenau, 2010
parismoskau, Nikolaistraße, Leipzig, 2006
Aus dem Archiv: "Signale aus der Nische. Institutsreihe: Polen in Leipzig" (LVZ Dez. 2013)
From our archive about PANIPANAMA and lindenow network (Kreuzer 2010)
From our archive about Kata Adamek and PANIPANAMA (LVZ Nov. 2008)
parismoskau catalogue 2006-2007